Lawyer For Child Custody in Delhi

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1) Permanent Custody:
After determining all issues, Court grants permanent custody of children to one of the party

2) Interim Custody:
During the pendancy of the case and otherwise, court can grant interim custody to one of the spouse. It is also possible that Court grants interim custody of children to the other parent at the times of vacations, holidays etc.

3) Visitation Rights:
Every parent has inalienable right to meet and see his/her children. Even after winning the case of custody of children by one parent, other parent can not be denied the right to meet and see his/her children. In disposing of such cases, Court awards reasonable visitation right to the other parents and fix up the time and days for the meeting with his/ her children so that the emotional ties are not broken between the child and the other parent.

Things to consider in a Child Custody Case

a. What Is Your Financial Status?
b. What Type of Custody Arrangement Are You Seeking and Why?
c. >What Is Your Communication with the non-custodial?
d. Do You Have an Existing Formal or Informal Child Custody Arrangement?
e. How do you plan to ensure the welfare of the child